Reversal of immigration fortune: France, Germany, Sweden 11 countries rebel against the EU & impose border restrictions

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National borders are returning to Europe; now say f*** off to Belgium and the EU and abolish the Euro and go back to normalcy, it’s about time.

The shattering of Schengen: The map that reveals how ELEVEN countries – from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany – are rebelling against EU free movement in the face of terrorism and out-of-control immigration

Day by day, the face of Europe is dramatically changing as terrorist threats and out-of-control immigration destroy the EU’s idyll of passport-free travel between its member states.

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Border checks are springing up across the bloc in a scramble by governments to restore their sovereignty and bolster national security to safeguard citizens.

A detailed map compiled by the Mail shows how 11 nations in the Schengen area — from France to Slovakia, Sweden to Germany — have re-instated long-abandoned border restrictions including identity vetting, passport checks, police interviews, static checkpoints and vehicle inspections.

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According to an EU report on the new controls seen by the Mail, many countries believe border checks are essential to stop ‘infiltration’ by Middle Eastern terrorists posing as migrants, and growing strains on overwhelmed asylum reception centres.

Italy, for example, ramped up border checks this month with neighbouring Slovenia, blaming the Israel-Hamas war for an ‘increased threat of violence within the EU’ and the risk of terrorist-migrants arriving amid ‘constant migratory pressure from land and sea’.



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