Doesn’t this qualify as an insurrection? They are violently uprising against an authority—the Columbia administration.

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Insurrection refers to a violent uprising or rebellion against an authority or government, often with the aim of overthrowing or resisting established power.

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Dozens of Columbia students just became felons.

Columbia president is probably asleep. Where are campus police officers. Where is the nypd.

Khymani James is back on the scene.

They’re stacking tables to block the entrance, zip tying the doors.

Columbia terrorists break windows and take over Hamilton Hall. Unconfirmed reports of hostage.

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Second video from Hamilton Hall. Situation is developing.

Columbia begins suspending student protesters

Dozens of Columbia University students are occupying Hamilton Hall, one of the campus buildings occupied during 1968 student protests, according to a social media post early Tuesday from Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine.

Overnight, protesters on campus made their way from the West Lawn encampment to Hamilton Hall, one of the main academic buildings for undergraduates.
Hours earlier, the university announced it had begun suspending students who refused to leave the encampment before a 2 p.m. Monday deadline set by the administration.
CNN has reached out to Columbia University and the New York Police Department for more information.

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