Quotes from Joe, Barack and Bill all agree, ILLEGAL immigration is a problem. Apparently they only believe that until they are in office.

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2023: 3,201,144
2022: 2,766,582
2021: 1,956,519
2020: 405,036
2019: 859,501
2018: 404,142
2017: 310,531
2016: 415,816
2015: 337,117
2014: 486,651
2013: 420,789
2012: 364,768
2011: 340,252
2010: 463,382

On President Biden’s inaugural day, he introduced policies that incentivize illegal immigration:

• Paused Deportations
• Suspended “Remain in Mexico”
• Stopped Border Wall Construction

Since Biden’s policy changes, over 8 million people have illegally entered the country, with millions more slipping past border patrol undetected.

This surge in illegal immigration is a national security crisis, costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions per year.

Major U.S. cities, grappling with the escalating financial burden, are slashing budgets for essential services such as fire, police, and education.

President Biden holds the power to halt this crisis that is draining America’s resources and endangering its citizens.

The solution is as simple as the actions that led to this crisis—Biden should use his pen to reverse his executive orders.

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