Canada’s getting third-world-ized like the US and others in preparation for political globalization.

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by bobtowne

The Western ruling class helped to set up Communist China, has lauded it, moved Western manufacturing to it. etc. Mao went to Yale-In-China. I guess the idea is to expose Canadian pensions to China’s economy to 1) help prop up China or if it collapses 2) take Canadian pensions with it?

Some observations about Canada:

  1. There’s never been much of a focus to really develop Canada economically. It’s got world’s highest consumer debt and currently have all kinds of growing ills – many similar to the US and others (growing crime, catch-and-release justice system, high immigration, growing homelessness, growing drug problems) – but some the US don’t have as bad (housing prices are worse, wages suck, cost of living in general is high, gun rights are being whittled away, there’s a movement to decriminalize even fent, state assisted suicide can potentially be used to kill off poor. etc.).

  2. Canada’s a monarchy, like other Five Eyes States. Charlie can dissolve any government. The Bronfman family also have some power here (NXIVM started in Vancouver). A Bronfman is Justin Trudeau’s main fundraiser.

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He’s also allegedly been the recipient of a lot of fentanyl money (routed through lots of Chinese students).

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3) One of the official donees of Canada is the UN (so there’s a sort of royal stamp of approval on the UN).

4) Some heinous MKULTRA research was done in Canada (in cooperation with the US)



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