Police Unveil Plans for Total Surveillance: Operator Initiated Facial Recognition to Roll Out Across the UK, Mobilizing Mobile Phones in a Disturbing Bid for 100% Identification

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“Police in the United Kingdom are planning to identify criminals by taking their photos with mobile phones and running them through a database with facial recognition software.

The app, known as Operator Initiated Facial Recognition (OIFR), is already being trialed by three UK police forces, with plans for a nationwide rollout next year. By May 2024, UK police plan to increase the use of retrospective facial recognition to identify people by 100 percent, and to set up a roadmap for OIFR on a national level.

The announcement was made by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) last Sunday with Jeremy Vaughan, South Wales Police Chief Constable and national lead on facial recognition, explaining that the technology will speed up their work.

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“It can cut the amount of time spent trying to identify an offender from days and months to just minutes,” Vaughan says. “But we recognize the need to balance the use of new technology with the right to privacy.””

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