Paying it Forward Pays Off

Sharing is Caring!

by Lion Not Sheep

My daughter and I have been taking non-perishable food items to a very small local church and leaving the bagged items on the sidewalk up against the church building once a week for about 3 months now. We live in a small town, where the economy is hitting many very hard.

Today, when we arrived to drop off another bag of food, there was an old beat up grey tote storage container sitting where we usually leave the bag of food.

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There is never anyone around when we leave the food. We leave it and drive off. We want to remain anonymous. We are not wealthy by any means, but want to help others when we can.

On top of the tote, in permanent marker the word “garage” was marked out and “Blessings Box” was written in. It was full of canned food.

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We were speechless, happy and beyond humbled.

It is amazing how an act of kindness can grow.

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