German “Stand Up Comedian” jokes around

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Now we can see how WEF ideas creep more and more into our daily lives. In Germany we got the “Rundfunk” which is like a subscription to Netflix, with the difference everyone has to pay for it regardless if he uses it or not and the price for this crap is currently 18,36€ which equals 20,12 USD per month! They offer a bunch of crappy tv channels with governmental propaganda news (everyone who is agaonst migrants is evil, poor women we need more feminism, climate change is so real we are soon all dead, don’t eat meat and so on) and some radio channels. In one of their shows a 35 year old stand up comedian joked around about germans who get angry about migrants, who go too often to the doctor and want them to be deported. While he was joking he then said “you don’t need to deport more people faster, you just have to kill germans over 70”.

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Statement at 00:53 (in german of course)

Sick clown, I hope someone f*cks this guy up on the street.


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