People Are Waking Up, They’re Realizing Everything They’ve Been Told Has Been A Lie

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In a profound awakening, people are grappling with the bitter truth that their long-held beliefs, particularly within the Democratic Party, have not translated into tangible improvements in jobs, education, or community investments. The call for unity under the banner of “America first” echoes a growing sentiment that transcends racial and ethnic lines, emphasizing a need for leadership focused on the shared identity of being Americans.

People Are Waking Up, They’re Realizing Everything They’ve Been Told Has Been A Lie

“The truth is bitter, but we have to swallow it. The Democratic Party, I voted for over 20 years of my life. I voted for Barack Obama when he said he was going to bring hope and change. And yes, we can, and no, we didn’t. The jobs didn’t come. The better schools didn’t come. The investment in our communities did not come. National security, our borders are open. We’re not safe. We’re not safe. And we’ve got to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab. We’ve got to start thinking as Americans.

That’s what Donald Trump is saying. We’re Americans. America first. You have to remember Donald Trump is the head of Trump Organization and when you look into that organization it is filled with blacks, whites, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians. It’s different religions, different creeds and so he has, he’s a person that has created jobs. He’s a person that signs checks. He’s a person that works on the bottom with the person who’s doing the foundation as well as the guy sitting.

And so all of that I think is important when we’re thinking about our next president, our people, the American people, many of them are losing hope.”

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