Newsom must want all Californians to move out?

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  • California Air Resources Board predicts a 50-cent increase in gas prices annually for clean air efforts, on top of existing taxes.
  • Critics, including Republican Sen. Janet Nguyen, decry the tax hike as burdensome for middle and low-income earners.
  • The gas tax hike is part of California’s broader push towards electrification and zero-emission transportation, with significant implications for residents and the economy.
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The revelation of California’s ‘secret’ 50-cent gas tax hike is sending shockwaves across the state, raising concerns about its impact on residents already grappling with high living costs. Republican Senator Janet Nguyen’s criticism highlights the disproportionate burden this tax increase will place on middle and low-income earners, who rely heavily on cars for daily activities. As gas prices soar, the affordability of commuting to work, school, and essential services becomes even more challenging, exacerbating economic disparities. Moreover, this move underscores California’s aggressive pursuit of clean air goals, prioritizing electrification and zero-emission transportation over immediate relief for struggling residents. With the state already facing sky-high gas prices, this additional tax burden threatens to further strain household budgets and impede economic recovery.


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