NBC’s Kornacki: Biden’s Job Approval Is ‘Lowest’ Ever Measured in Our Poll (video). NBC polls show Trump defeating Biden

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The significance is that is the lowest President Biden has ever measured in our poll in terms of job approval. Just look at the sea change from the start of this year. Recall, remember, Democrats coming off strong from the 2020 midterms, he was almost even. Now he’s 17 points underwater.


To go a step further, this jumps out at you, too. Overall, this is the handling of the Israel-Hamas war. It kind of measures overall with Biden’s foreign policy approval, but look at this. Among the oldest group of voters, 65+, there’s a majority that approve how Biden is handling this, that’s +12. Look at the youngest group of voters: 20 approve, 70% disapprove — he’s 50% underwater with the youngest voters. That’s a 62-point net swing between youngest and oldest on this topic of Israel and Hamas.

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You know if NBC is reporting this, it’s far, far worse.

And for NBC to say Trump is ahead of Biden, that’s priceless.

So will they steal the election again if the MSM isn’t supporting it?

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