WSJ Says Elon Musk Went Too Far, New Charges of Antisemitism, the Role of DEI

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The Wall Street Journal comments on how a misleading tweet set off a new firestorm over antisemitism. Let’s also discuss a major role of DEI in this mess.

Did Elon Musk Go Too Far?

In a series of Tweets involving Elon Musk, a popular Twitter (X) writer @WallStreetSilv, and other writers I have never heard of, Elon Musk unleashed a firestorm of comments.

The Actual Truth

“Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

Supposedly the Tweet that Started it All

According to the Wall Street Journal, that Tweet by Wall Street Silver is what set Elon Musk off. There are numerous stories on the WSJ, CNN, the Guardian, and elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal tries to make a case Elon Musk Went Too Far.

That is a free link for those who wish to read the full text.

Elon Musk insists he isn’t an antisemite.

But this past week, the billionaire entrepreneur left many wondering. At the very least, a string of inflammatory tweets he sent Wednesday showed how gratuitous Musk can be and how easily tweets on his own social-media platform can be misleading and trigger him.

His tweets called an antisemitic post “the actual truth” and renewed his pointed criticisms against the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy group that he has described as pushing a “woke mind virus” hurting free speech and, in turn, his business, Twitter-turned-X.

A close study of his tweets Wednesday helps show what prompted him to go nuclear against the ADL. His ugly detour began shortly after the lunch hour in California when Musk came across a tweet from the kind of user he might consider one of the so-called citizen journalists he has become obsessed with on the platform.

“Fake corporate new media is making up stuff again,” began a post by an account called Wall Street Silver, run by Jim Lewis and Ivan Bayoukhi and followed by more than one million users, including Musk.

Wall Street Silver, which has its roots in a Reddit forum dealing with metals, included a screenshot of an MSNBC broadcast about the rise of hate speech at Twitter under Musk that cited data from the ADL. “Not exactly legitimate objective sources,” it concluded.

Musk responded. “They really should just drop the ‘A’ and go with Defamation League,” he wrote. “Way more accurate.”

In the roughly two hours that followed, the billionaire’s rhetoric grew hotter as he continued to name check the ADL. One could almost see anger building in real time as what Musk’s biographer has dubbed his Demon Mode exploded online for all to see.

At one point, Musk tweeted support for a random X user’s post espousing the same sort of vile conspiracy theory about Jews replacing whites that was spewed by a killer who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018. That reply by Musk—“You have said the actual truth”—ignited the firestorm against him.

The blame (or honor, if this feud is what Musk wanted) goes to Musk. It’s hard to know at any time if there is a purpose in his mind for some of the actions and statements he makes.

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I posted a free link to the Journal article itself so you can follow the complete analysis.

Here’s is the ADL’s Stated Mission. I do not follow the ADL and cannot comment on the charges other than say “show me the evidence”

How Our College Campuses Became Hotbeds of Antisemitism

In an article I totally endorse, please consider How Our College Campuses Became Hotbeds of Antisemitism

While most Americans grieve and reel in horror after the brutal massacre of Israelis, a shocking number of students and faculty on our college campuses are cheering on Hamas – while oppressing, alienating, and verbally assaulting Jewish students.

These are the fruits of DEI indoctrination on campus. The far left’s hateful bigotry is becoming clear for all to see, and it is stunning many who had no idea how bad it has become.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) have coordinated multiple protests across dozens of American university campuses. SJP’s national chapter called Hamas’ terror attack a “historic win” for the “Palestinian resistance.”

These students have the absolute right to speak freely. But the rest of us are free to judge them based on their words and deeds. These protests and other actions at our colleges show that anti-Semitism is a growing threat on campus. Many of our Jewish college students are alarmed.

University professors across the nation are coming under fire for hateful comments, appalling treatment of Jewish students, and a shocking show of support for terrorists.

University Examples

  • Stanford professor was suspended for forcing Jewish students in two of his classes to stand in a corner while he called them “colonizers.” He also shrugged off the deaths of “only” 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and called Hamas terrorists “freedom fighters.” A rabbi who spoke to students said they were left traumatized and dehumanized.
  • Columbia professor called the Hamas massacre of Israeli and American citizens on October 7 “awesome” and a “stunning victory”.” Professor Joseph Massad faced calls for his resignation back in 2004 after accusations that he antagonized Jewish and Israeli students in the classroom. He faces them again today, as an online petition calling for his removal quickly amassed more than 30,000 signatures.
  • Yale professor, Zareena Grewal, stated on X: “Prayers for Palestinians. Israel is a murderous, genocidal settler state and Palestinians have every right to resist through armed struggle.” She reacted to the massacre by tweeting, “It’s been such an extraordinary day!” Her X bio describes herself as a “radical Muslim.” Yale defended her right to free speech but a petition calling on the university to fire her collected more than 25,000 signatures in one day.
  • Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Virginia issued a statement calling the Hamas massacre “a step towards a free Palestine.” And a professor there is now under investigation by the state’s attorney general for offering students extra credit to attend a SJP event to “stand in solidarity with Palestinians resisting occupation.”
  • An Albany Law School professor tweeted, “Long live the Palestinian resistance & people of Gaza” who are “tearing down the walls of colonialism & apartheid.” She added, “As the Biden admin builds more walls at US borders, the people of the world are rising up & tearing walls down. The Palestinians are a beacon for us all.”
  • New York University Student Bar Association President Ryna Workman wrote in the student newspaper, “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life”and refused to condemn Hamas. In a story that made national headlines but garnered little sympathy, Workman lost a job offer from a prestigious law firm because of her comments.
  • Pro-Palestinian protestors and Antifa members at the University of Washington lobbed homophobic slurs at a reporter while chanting ‘From the River to the Sea’ and intifada,’ well-known code words for the destruction of Israel and a call to massacre of Jews.
  • ‘Intifada’ chants were common at UCLA’s Pro-Palestine protest, where pro-Hamas students wore masks to conceal their identities. The chants calling for the murder of the Jewish people were also heard on campus at the University of Minnesota.
  • A professor at the University of North Carolina raised an Israeli flag to counter a pro-Palestinian protest and was pushed aside.
  • At Columbia University, an Israeli student was assaulted by a suspect who tore down photos of Israeli hostages the victim had posted. The suspect hit the victim with a stick, breaking his finger and lacerating the victim.
  • 30 student organizations at Harvard University signed a letter by the university’s Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee and Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine that claims they “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Under guise of DEI, those examples are not only what universities allow, it is what the universities preach, expect and demand.

Anyone who disagrees is shouted out if not much worse as the above articles show.

It’s not just about Israel. It’s about climate, gender change, and Black Lives Matter, slave reparations and an entire slew of Left-wing idiocy.

A Two-State Solution

As I have said before, I have always favored a two-state solution. A one-state solution implies genocide and slaughter of the other.

There is legitimate debate on what Israel’s response should be, but there is no legitimacy to Hamas.

The killing of all Jews, just because they are Jewish, is the stated goal of Hamas. Unfortunately, indoctrination of kids at universities to support for Hamas is underway.

The Irony of DEI

The firestorm unleashed by Musk is not be a bad thing in and of itself as long as one side cannot force their views on everyone else.

Unfortunately, there is no diversity or equity at universities.

Instead there is forced indoctrination on a range of ideas including climate change, gender, guilt, and reparations.


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