Michael Avenatti: “Stormy Daniels admitted to me in 2019 that she had extorted Trump in Oct. 2016 – it was a shakedown.”

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In a startling twist that has sent shockwaves through the political and legal spheres, attorney Keith Davidson stands accused of lying about Stormy Daniels’ involvement in an extortion attempt against former President Donald Trump.

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The bombshell revelation came to light after Daniels reportedly confessed to her participation in the extortion scheme during a confrontation with her attorney. According to the accuser, Daniels and Davidson orchestrated the shakedown against Trump in October 2016—a revelation that ultimately led to Daniels’ termination as a client in February 2019.

The gravity of these allegations cannot be overstated. The specter of extortion, involving a high-profile public figure like Trump, raises troubling questions about the integrity and ethics of those involved. If proven true, the ramifications could be far-reaching, implicating not only Daniels and Davidson but also casting doubt on the broader legal landscape.

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