Jack Posobiec: After they indict all the conservatives, the moderates are next

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via HumanEvents:

“They’re going to be screaming about that all day long,” Posobiec stated, adding that they’re legally called alternate electors because “that’s the legally allowable nomenclature to go in on when there’s a contested election and that’s what was happening in 2020.”

RNC National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer, who is also the host of Swing State Update and co-host of Thoughtcrime, was amongst the 11 indicted in AZ. He is also the COO of Turning Point Action and is heading the largest vote-chasing operations not only for the Republican party but in “the entire country.”


“Not only is Tyler one of us, he’s my friend,” Posobiec said.

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“I have a message, not for the left, not for the cultural Marxists, not for the unhuman ones that are bringing this indictment,” he continued, stating that his message is for those who claim to be fighting communism but are doing so with a weak attitude.

“Why don’t you people wake up and actually understand what part of the movie we’re in?” he said. “They are indicting people for legal activity, legal political activity.”

He then directed his attention toward moderates, independents, and centrists.

“I’m not saying you have to endorse, you know, everything that goes on. But I will say this, it is time to put up or shut up. This is gloves-off territory and we are in gloves-off territory now,” Posobiec stated.

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“You’re gonna say, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna fight back now, because that would be too controversial. I’m not going to fight back now because I might get in trouble.'”

“Well, guess what? When they’re done knocking on everyone’s door because they’ve already indicted them, guess who’s going to be getting the knock on the door next? You will.

“No more quitters, no more cowardice, I’m sick of it. Fight back now or we’re all going down,” he concluded.

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