Israel Bombing Southern Gaza Areas Civilians Were Told to Go to for Safety

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by Chris Black

This is not new at all.

Early on, the IDF were giving specific coordinates that the Palestinians should evacuate to, then bombing them.

They’re also bombing refugee camps that they promised they wouldn’t bomb.

Everyone understand that they are targeting civilians, and all non-American media, including The Guardian, which is one of the biggest English language news websites in the world, reports this.

The Guardian:

Israel bombed an apartment block in southern Gaza early on Saturday, killing 26 people, soon after announcing plans to intensify operations in areas where the Israeli military had told civilians to flee for their safety.

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In the north, a column of medics, patients and refugees trudged out of al-Shifa hospital, the biggest in Gaza, where Israeli troops spent a fourth day searching for evidence of a Hamas command node it claimed was buried below the wards.

Apparently, the IDF strategy is to just keep killing as many random people as possible.

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