Is Biden’s media strategy aimed at avoiding the national spotlight?

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Recent reports have surfaced suggesting that President Biden will be pulling back from engaging with national media, opting instead for interactions with local reporters for the remainder of his campaign. This decision raises eyebrows and invites criticism, particularly given the lack of transparency and accountability it entails.

But let’s dissect the facts here. Why the reluctance to face national reporters head-on?

Firstly, Biden skipped a golden opportunity by declining an interview during the Super Bowl with CBS, where he would have likely faced relatively easy, softball questions. Furthermore, the glaring absence of solo press conferences from Biden’s agenda this year is hard to ignore. In fact, he has only held a meager three solo press conferences in the past 15 months, a stark contrast to his predecessor, who held 35 in his final year in office.

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It’s puzzling, to say the least. How can Biden scale back on something he wasn’t actively engaging in to begin with? The math simply doesn’t add up.

One can’t help but question the underlying motives behind this strategy. Is it an attempt to avoid scrutiny and accountability? By sticking to local media interviews and podcasts, Biden may be aiming to fly under the radar, making his interactions less accessible and visible to the masses.

But let’s call it what it is: a strategic move to sidestep the national spotlight and control the narrative. It’s a tactic that raises skepticism and undermines the principles of transparency and accountability that should be at the forefront of any democratic process.

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Biden’s decision to limit engagement with national media warrants scrutiny and criticism. It’s imperative that leaders remain accessible and open to scrutiny, and any attempt to evade this fundamental aspect of governance should be met with rightful skepticism.


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