Inflation Nation! US Grocercies UP 25% Since 2020 But Slowing Growth As M2 Money Growth Dies

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by confoundedinterest17

Despite Biden/KJP’s ridiculous lies about about this Thanksgiving being the 4th “cheapest” in history, inflation while cooling is still way up under Biden. In fact, food prices are up 25% since 2020.

Since 2020, US groceries are up 25%, used cars climbed 35% and rents roughly 20%. In 2020, a survey showed a 4-person household spent an average of $238.32 in a week on food at home. A similar survey in 2023 showed that figure had jumped 32% to $315.22.

Notice that food CPI peaked at 11.33% in August 2022 and has been declining since as M2 Money growth dies.

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Of course, Biden blames high prices on … anyone but himself and big spending Congress. “Biden admits prices ‘too high’ but blames sellers for 18% inflation.” Sure Joe, the big spending bills you championed as part of Bidenomics that helped surge M2 Money supply (green line) has nothing to do with price increases, just the evil private sector.

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US President “Vigorous” Joe Biden. Quick Jill, wake him up before you go, go.


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