Hoot of the Day: WSJ Complains of Biden’s Inability to Use the Bully Pulpit

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The warmonger of the day moans “Biden’s inability to use the bully pulpit bodes ill in a dangerous world.” Some of us are tired of Biden’s use of the bully pulpit and rule by decree.

Biden and the Ukraine-Aid Standoff

Please consider Biden and the Ukraine-Aid Standoff by warmonger of the day Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.

Mr. Johnson is down to a one-vote majority in the House. If Democrats sit on their hands, one or two GOP defectors are enough to unseat him no matter how popular Ukraine aid is with his membership. Mr. Johnson’s and the bill’s interlocked fate, the Washington Post correctly noted last week, “as it has been for months now . . . is very much in the hands of Democrats.”

One answer to the absence of Mr. Biden from his bully pulpit while his own nominal Ukraine policy hangs in the balance is the one I described 78 weeks ago: GOP opposition is handy to push Ukraine toward a cease-fire. This is the inevitable corollary of the U.S. administration’s conspicuous unwillingness to seek increased defense budgets. It implies the administration intends an ending in Ukraine on the cheap by forcing negotiation on our Kyiv partner rather than by using our resources to force negotiation on Vladimir Putin.

A war over Taiwan won’t be easily contained or ended. Researchers at the Cold War-born Atlantic Council have ruffled the serenity of the foreign-policy blob by noting, accurately and repeatedly, that the U.S could rather quickly find itself choosing between sacrificing a long-term strategic interest and using nuclear weapons.

And yet if you want peace, prepare for war, especially when a conventional buildup would deprive Xi Jinping of a highly dangerous incentive because he thinks the U.S. would never pull the nuclear trigger.

Parade of Warmongering

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I am tired or preparing for wars and the wars that inevitably follow. There is a parade of them: Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan.

And now these warmongering clowns want more aid to Ukraine and are annoyed at Biden’s inability to use the bully pulpit.

By decree, we have asinine energy policy, asinine regulations, and student aid giveaways flouting the Supreme Court. Biden is after your gasoline-powered car, and your gas stove.

Biden wants a wealth tax and is using the bully pulpit including his State of the Union Address to support it. He wants to up corporate income taxes. He spoke mountains of nonsense regarding “fair share.”

And here comes Jenkins moaning about Biden’s limited use of the bully pulpit. To the extent Biden is ineffective, I wish he were more so.

Stepping back, It was US meddling that got the US involved in Ukraine in the first place.

What’s the Goal?

Jenkins does not have one. Nor does Biden.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy does have a goal. He wants 100 percent of the territory Russia took back and he does not give a damn what it costs the US to achieve that goal or how many Ukrainians die in the process.

Jenkins apparently does not give a damn if it would start a nuclear war. And I believe taking back Crimea might easily do that.

Lindsey Graham Tells Ukraine to Force More Young Men Into War With Russia

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Senator Graham visited Ukraine and made an ass of himself, proving he do so on multiple continents.

On March 19, I commented Lindsey Graham Tells Ukraine to Force More Young Men Into War With Russia

Graham got his wish. This week Zelenskyy lowered the draft age from 27 to 25. It was not a popular move.

Unfortunately, Graham is not leading the charge on horseback.


Ukraine Won’t Win the War, It’s Time for a New Strategy

On March 16, I said Ukraine Won’t Win the War, It’s Time for a New Strategy

The political reality in the west is that political support for Ukraine aid is falling. In Germany barely half of the population supports weapon deliveries according to a recent poll. In Italy, support is even lower. With the return of fiscal austerity, support for Ukraine is starting to compete with domestic policies.

You might call the Congressional Republicans irresponsible. But they would not be doing this if a large majority of the US electorate supported Ukraine.

When total victory is no longer a realistic option, the second-best outcome is to avoid defeat.

European Council President Calls on Europe to Switch to a War Economy

On March 21, I noted the European Council President Calls on Europe to Switch to a War Economy

As a way to create jobs, EC President Charles Michel promotes a war economy. Where that would lead is obvious.

All these warmongering clowns belong on the front line. We would have a quick change in attitude.


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