Here We Go Again: WHO urges China to Adopt Covid-Like Policies as a Result of New Unidentified Pneumonia Outbreak

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Hospitals in Beijing and Liaoning, a province located 500 miles to the northeast of the capital, have reported cases of ‘undiagnosed pneumonia.’

The influx of ailing children has overwhelmed healthcare facilities, and there is a looming possibility of school closures, as per local media.

This situation has led to an alert from ProMed, the same disease surveillance system that initially reported an unknown infection in Wuhan at the end of 2019, an illness that would later be identified as the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In response to this outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) is advising the public to wear masks, avoid contact with sick individuals, and stay home when feeling unwell.

The WHO has also requested that China, known for its lack of transparency, provide comprehensive information about the outbreak.

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U.S. Envoy Tells China to Stop “COVID deception” Over Pneumonia Outbreak

The U.S. ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, called on China to be transparent about the pneumonia outbreak spreading across the country and urged Chinese authorities “to abandon COVID deception”.


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