France Preparing to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right

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by Chris Black

Talking about pathological behavior from the so-called liberal governments, abortion is literally murdering unborn children.

And they want this to be part of their constitution.

The Guardian:

France is preparing to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right at a joint session of parliament next week, after the senate voted in favour on Wednesday night.

France would write into its constitution the “guaranteed freedom” of women to choose an abortion.

The French government, lawmakers and senators had argued that the right to abortion needed full constitutional protection as it comes under threat in the US and other countries in Europe.

After a long senate debate on Wednesday, the French prime minister, Gabriel Attal, said: “When women’s rights are attacked in the world, France stands up and places itself at the avant garde of progress.”

The French justice minister, Éric Dupond-Moretti, said: “This vote is historic … It states to all those who don’t yet know it that the women in our country are free … and to what point we are attached to that freedom.”

Mélanie Vogel, a Green senator, who had campaigned for the constitutional change said: “This is a historic, feminist victory.”

Oh, it’s feminism again that’s destroying western civilization.
Color me shocked.

If “unlimited child murder” is an historic feminist victory, then what exactly is feminism?

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Is it a satanic child sacrifice cult?

What else could it be?

Candace Owens gets it:

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