Birthrates Continues Free Fall Collapse Despite Hundreds of Billions in Incentives

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by Chris Black

This stands true for basically every industrialized/”liberal” country, and by liberal I mean so-called democracy.

That’s because  there is no way to incentivize women to have kids.

The Guardian:

South Korea’s demographic crisis has deepened with the release of data showing its birthrate – already the world’s lowest – fell to a new record low in 2023, despite billions of dollars in government schemes designed to persuade families to have more children.

Reports that South Korea’s population had shrunk for the fourth straight year came soon after neighbouring Japan reported a record decline in its population last year, along with a record fall in the number of births and the lowest number of marriages since the end of the second world war.

The same happens in Japan, where the prime-minister calls this trend the greatest crisis in the country’s history.


The number of babies born in Japan fell for an eighth straight year to a fresh record low in 2023, preliminary government data showed on Tuesday, underscoring the daunting task the country faces in trying to stem depopulation.

“The declining birthrate is in a critical situation,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi told reporters. “The next six years or so until 2030, when the number of young people will rapidly decline, will be the last chance to reverse the trend.”

A lot of governments have attempted to incentivize women to get married and have kids.

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They will not do it. It is too much fun for them to go around with different men, to use all of these powers that they have from the age of 13 to their late 20s to manipulate men and just do whatever they want.

It’s too tempting.

No woman will surrender that unless she is forced to by the government or by extreme social norms.

That’s all. That’s the end of the story.

You simply analyze the problem as one of women’s behavior, and then you come up with logical, actionable solutions to change the behavior of women.

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These solutions are easy and they are possible, in theory even within the context of modern democracies.

These things won’t happen in modern democracies, of course. Governments will simply continue to whine about the birthrate to waste money on stupid programs.

Regardless, the solutions are simple and obvious, just like the solutions to virtually every other problem.

The reason that problems don’t get solved is that we live in a system that is designed to prevent problems from being solved.

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