Fed Inferno! Is The Federal Reserve Actually The US Economy? Or Is The Fed The DNC De Facto Treasury?? (M2 Money UP 167% Since Nov ’08)

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by confoundedinterest17

Fed inferno!

One has to wonder about The Feral Reserve. Since The Great Recession of 2008, The Federal Reserve has printed a staggering amount of money (know as QE). There is still about $8.3 TRILLION in monetary stimulus sloshing around the economy.

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And M2 Money printing is up 167% since November 2008.

So, despite the talking heads from The Fed and CNBC, etc blathering about Fed tightening, there remains over $8 TRILLION in monetary stimulus chasing asset prices.

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Is The Fed ACTUALLY the US economy? Or is The Fed the financing arm of the Democrat party?

Yes, The Fed looks like they are pausing .. rate hikes.


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