Ex-DA Rachael Rollins Under Fire: Misuse of Taxpayer Funds for Lavish Dining

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Former Massachusetts District Attorney Rachael Rollins is facing scrutiny for using her taxpayer-funded purchase card for expensive dinners, including charges at seafood and Italian restaurants, Jersey Mike’s, coffees, and Uber Eats, in violation of state guidelines.

  • Rollins allegedly used her taxpayer-funded purchase card for lavish dinners at restaurants, including a $500 seafood meal in Worcester and a $423 dinner at a high-end Italian restaurant in New York City.
  • State regulations clearly state that purchase cards should only be used as a payment of last resort and should not cover the cost of meals, snacks, coffee, or alcohol.
  • Despite these guidelines, Rollins reportedly used her card for various dining expenses, as well as for Uber Eats orders and other purchases.
  • As District Attorney, Rollins was responsible for overseeing her office’s expenditures, including credit card usage, raising questions about her accountability and adherence to procurement policies.
  • The revelation underscores the need for stricter oversight and accountability measures to prevent misuse of taxpayer funds by public officials.
  • Rollins’ failure to respond to inquiries about her spending habits further fuels public skepticism and demands for transparency.
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