Democracy Fails If People Have Free Access to Information Claims Mainstream Media

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by Chris Black

If “democracy” can’t survive without mass internet censorship, then it seems to me that democracy is not a valid system.

The entire concept of modern democracy, which is universal suffrage democracy (as opposed to a traditional American-style system where only land-owners can vote) – is that every person in society are totally actualized human beings capable of absolute rationality.

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However, if the only way these citizens are capable of making decisions is if the government regulates their exposure to the free flow of information, then why on earth are they allowed to vote?

It doesn’t make sense.

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Take your pick:

Either every individual is totally capable of analyzing information and drawing the most logical possible conclusions from it, or democracy is retarded as a concept of governing.

I mean, if people are too stupid to figure out the basic facts of reality, and get confused by news stories that present conflicting ideas, then you need to stop democracy.

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