Crisis in Denver as 40K illegals need shelter, food and medical care…

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The migration landscape in Denver is undergoing a significant transformation, with nearly 40,000 migrants arriving in the city over the past year. This influx has made Denver the top destination per capita for migrants crossing the U.S. southern border and heading north in buses from Texas. However, the surge is not without its challenges, as the city grapples with the strain on its public safety net.

Beginning February 5, Denver will implement measures to limit the number of days migrants can stay in shelters, and those exceeding their stay will be directed out onto the streets. The impact is already evident, with one Venezuelan family sharing their eviction notice from a city-paid hotel, highlighting the pressure on available accommodations.

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The strain on public resources extends beyond shelter capacity, reaching the healthcare sector. Denver Health, a crucial medical center, is reportedly at a critical point due to the unexpected costs associated with migrant visits. CEO Donna Lynne warned the Denver City Council of the dire situation, noting that the health system is overwhelmed with care costs for uninsured patients, especially migrants. Denver Health has requested funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for immigrants’ medical costs, but reimbursement from the state and federal governments remains elusive.

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Beyond healthcare, Denver Public Schools (DPS) is also feeling the repercussions of the migrant influx. With approximately 2,900 new students enrolling in DPS since October, the school system is experiencing increased pressure on resources and classroom capacities. The arrival of about 100 migrant students weekly has led to adjustments in class sizes and poses challenges for educators like Lyly Zaragoza, a dual-language teacher at McMeen Elementary.

As Denver navigates this period of demographic and resource shifts, the city faces complex decisions in balancing humanitarian considerations with the strain on its public infrastructure.


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