Covid Blowback: Shrinking Penis!

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by Chris Black

From Jan 2022, just before Russia entered Ukraine and put an end to covid, the nudge units must have been up all night brainstorming this one, but the absurdity and desperation are obvious.

If they go with COVID again, I expect them to go very gently to start with and then to drop the hammer with extreme prejudice once the narrative has settled in.

Of course, they will say that they’re reacting to changing scientific data, but it is simply impossible for them to do anything other than take it to the max next time because there is a significant manifested opposition now, however atomized it might be.

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They will say that the ‘lessons learned’ from the last pandemic are that to prevent prolonged and damaging measures, they must go in fast and HARD and get ‘sustainable’ results asap.

Didn’t Bill Gates say (over 2 years ago) that ‘the next pandemic’ would really get people’s attention?

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