CLOWN WORLD: Delusional man pays for meds to simulate the discomfort of a female monthly cycle

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As a general rule, I’ve long held the belief that men are the more rational sex, and it comes down to the design behind the created order, but let me show you one of those exceptions, rooted out by the ever-reliable Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok:

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As I’m not actually in this dude’s medicine cabinet and because he flashes the vial so fast, I can only speculate, but it seems obvious he’s talking about synthetic hormones since it’s the natural hormones in a woman’s body that cause menstruation, or a “period.” But according to this guy, who’s hijacked the word to convince us that his simulated “experience” is just as legitimate as a woman’s natural one, a “period” is more than just menstruating; it is a “collection of symptoms.”

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Gotta love it when a man corrects a woman and dictates to her what a period actually is because he’s insecure about his fictitious “reality.” Listen buddy, we all know who you’re trying to convince, and it’s not us.


h/t Coastie Patriot

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