Cardboard Box Sales Collapse, Plummeting by 80%

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Cardboard box sales dropped 80% ahead of the Christmas Holiday Season.

Dr. Elliot explains @ 1:30 minutes in…

People are way scaling back on Christmas. Infact, more and more families have set a limit on the ages of people that can receive a gift. It is usually now reserved for those under 14 years old. New clothing, i-pad, or phone is common. Adults that are giving are trading gift cards… a big waste.

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Other families are resorting to doing a special meal and family activity together instead. Like play games/Monopoly,Jinga, shoot and ladders for the little ones or Uno all day, taking long family walks, going reruns movie houses.

No one is in the mood for spending a lot of money.

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Producer Price Index by Industry: Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing: Corrugated Shipping Containers for Paper and Allied Products

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