California Passes Four Controversial Bills Allowing Private Conversations with Children, Bypassing Parental Notification

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CALIFORNIA “In the last 24 hours, the California legislature has passed not one, not two, but four bills that are designed to remove children from their homes and into government systems where adults can have private conversations with them. And everyone, and I mean everyone from the school bus driver to the cafeteria lady will have knowledge about that child’s gender confusion, about their stress or anxiety, their depression, except parents.

The children are out. There is no more privacy. This is not an outing policy. This is a parental notification policy. At the same time, we have the Attorney General Rob Bonta waging an unsubstantiated war, a lawsuit against Chino Valley Unified School District that will fail. The TRO that was issued just the other day is simply that. It is a temporary order to maintain the status quo until a final decision is reached, and that decision will be the policy’s legal, constitutional, and necessary to protect.

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Children, do the right thing, vote this policy in. Thank you.“

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