Italy’s sovereign control of their territory is being lost… It’s happening everywhere… ‘This is an act of war’ says Italian deputy prime minister.

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The situation in Italy is causing concern about the loss of sovereign control over its territory. Italian Deputy Prime Minister expressed, “This is an act of war” in response to the recent events.

In just three days, 7,000 migrants arrived on an Italian island, Lampedusa, which is situated close to the Tunisian coast. This massive influx of migrants has put immense pressure on the island’s resources and population. It’s part of a larger trend in Europe where mass migration is being used by both left-wing and conservative elites to influence demographics, secure votes, and gain power.

The Italian Ministry of the Interior reports that over 10,000 people from North Africa have landed on Lampedusa in just a few days, causing the island’s population to double. This raises serious concerns about the cultural and national identity of European countries.

Similar concerns are also being expressed in the United States, with reports of a train full of migrants heading towards the U.S. border. These developments on both sides of the Atlantic highlight the ongoing challenges and controversies surrounding migration and its impact on sovereignty, demographics, and cultural identity.

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