California fast food workers now earn $20 per hour, franchisees responding by cutting hours

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“A turkey sub for under $10? It’s now $11.15. While customers are still coming in, he’s seeing them cut back – no drinks, no chips, no dessert.

Since their core business is lunch, Chacon has been reducing staffing in the mornings and evenings. He’s also cut a few part-time employees, going from 165 total to about 145.”

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“Cheng said he has no plans to lay off any of his 250 Wendy’s workers and instead has turned to cutting overtime and reducing the amount of workers on each shift. He also raised menu prices about 8% in January in anticipation of the law.”

“For Enif Somilleda, a general manager at a Del Taco in Orange County, the raise has been a mixed bag. She used to have four people working per shift. She now only has two.

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“Financially it has helped me,” she said. “But I have less people so I have to do a lot more work.””

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