BREAKING: NYC mayor Erick Adams leaves event after members of his inner circle are arrested by the Fed’s!

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via politico:

NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Eric Adams is juggling a new crisis — in addition to the old ones.

The expanding federal corruption investigation threatens to overshadow the challenge he spent much of the year confronting: a surge of more than 120,000 migrants that has overwhelmed city resources. The new campaign finance scandal leaves Adams hamstrung as he lobbies Washington and Albany for more help with the migrants.

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Some local officials worry about Adams’ difficult position.

“This level of fiscal stress requires complete focus, and it is concerning how many legal fires are surrounding him,” City Council Member Sandy Nurse said in an interview.

At no time was that more evident than on Thursday. Instead of tending to pressing migrant needs with a slate of Washington meetings, he rushed back to the city to address the scandal.

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He had landed in Washington to advocate for migrant funding at about the same time that federal agents were raiding his chief fundraiser’s home in Brooklyn. The mayor pulled up to his first meeting in the Capitol but never even got out of the car before deciding to return home, a person familiar with his movements told POLITICO.


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