BREAKING: Musk Going “Thermonuclear”, Will Sue Media Matters and Anyone Related for Defamation and Racketeering on Monday

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Elon is done FA’ing with these people.

He is going after Media Matters and anyone related to or funding the organization, and ALL of their related entites!!

He is going after their board, their donors, their network of dark money, all of them….

Brock, Podesta and the rest of that bunch are some really twisted, sick individuals. It is a target rich environment for someone who has the balls and money to take them on.

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Remember this phrase:

“Tortious Interference with Economic Relations”

To which they reply

Here’s the Media Matters post that has Musk enraged:

IBM announced yesterday that it is suspending its advertising on X (formerly Twitter) after Media Matters reported that the platform placed its ads next to content promoting Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

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IBM isn’t alone in having issues when advertising on the platform: Following our report yesterday, we additionally found ads for Amazon, NBA Mexico, NBCUniversal Catalyst, Action Network, and Club for Growth next to white nationalist hashtags like “KeepEuropeWhite,” “white pride,” and “WLM” (“White Lives Matter”).

X’s problem with advertising comes as owner Elon Musk praised the pernicious antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jewish communities are supporting “hordes of minorities” who are “flooding” into the country to replace white people.

Musk’s endorsement is just the latest example of him embracing rhetoric and conspiracy theories from the far-right fringes.

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