Media’s focus on police shooting obscures suspect’s aggression; Reed fired first, injuring an officer.

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The media is fixating solely on the fact that the police fired nearly 100 shots at the suspect. Chicago politicians, led by Mayor Brandon Johnson, are painting the police shooting of Dexter Reed as a travesty of justice after the 26-year-old was shot at almost 100 times by police officers.

“I am personally devastated to see yet another young Black man lose his life during an interaction with the police,” said Johnson. “My heart breaks for the family of Dexter Reed.”

What they’re not telling you is that he opened fired first. What they’re also not doing is using his mugshot, preferring instead to show you a picture of Reed, a convicted felon, as a gifted academic student whose life was taken from him years before his time.

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So why did the police have their guns drawn in their interaction with Reed?

In July 2023, he was arrested for Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon (Firearm). They ran his license plates and saw his felony record, and approached his vehicle with extreme caution — and judging from the fact that he wound up his tinted windows and opened fire from inside the vehicle seconds before the police could respond, they were right to take precautions and call for backup.

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