Boston councilwoman urges cities to house immigrants; Massachusetts couple takes the leap

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In a baffling turn of events, Boston Councilwoman Julia Mejia (D) is advocating for cities to open their doors to illegal migrants, citing an alleged overflow crisis in Boston. The city, already declared a “sanctuary city” by Democrats, is now urging others to share the burden.

Adding to the surreal nature of the situation, a woke couple in Massachusetts volunteered to host illegal migrants in their home. The consequences were swift and unexpected – within an hour, four migrants were dropped off at their doorstep by the state.

The couple found themselves scrambling to prepare, raising critical questions: “How many are coming? Where are they from? What are their ages?” This well-intentioned but illegal act highlights the pressing need for citizens to understand the consequences and legality of such actions. Hosting illegal aliens is against the law, and as calls for such initiatives grow, it is essential to address the legal and ethical ramifications in a country grappling with complex immigration issues.

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