All-female IDF intel unit on Gaza border claims Bibi ignored their warnings prior to Oct. 7th

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Can’t wait to hear how the NAFO vermin will spin this one:

“The deadly Hamas attack on Israel could have been prevented if an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit made up of women and tasked with monitoring Gaza had been listened to, an unnamed soldier has told the newspaper Haaretz. She cited sexism as the reason for the lack of attention paid to their reports.

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In an article published on Friday, the women, speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed they had repeatedly alerted their superiors of recent activity by the Palestinian militant group.

According to the outlet, female surveillance troops said months before the incursion that something unusual was about to happen. They reportedly saw militants briefing near the border fence, training to hit tanks and disable cameras, and increased drone activity in the area…”

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