ALERT: Worst storm in a century in the Black Sea is smashing Russian coastal cities to pieces with tsunami style storm surges. 500m without power

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A deadly storm wreaks havoc in the Black Sea region, leaving nearly half a million without power, claiming one life, and causing widespread destruction in Crimea and southern Russia. The severe weather forces emergency declarations and government closures, urging residents to stay indoors as strong winds persist.

via AP:

Almost half a million people have been left without power and one person was killed after a storm in the Black Sea area flooded roads, ripped up trees and took down power lines in Crimea, Russian state news agency Tass said.

The storm also hit southern Russia and sent waves flooding into the beach resort of Sochi, blew the roof off a five-story building off in Anapa and damaged homes and schools in Kuban, the state news agency said.

The storm prompted several Crimean regions to declare a state of emergency after it became the strongest recorded in the past 16 years with wind speeds reaching 144 kph (almost 90 mph), Tatyana Lyubetskaya, a Russia-installed official at the Crimean environmental monitoring department, told Tass.

The government in Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, told people to stay at home on Monday and closed government offices including schools and hospitals as strong winds are still expected Monday.

This looks like Phuket in the 2004 tsunami.

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