ZERO Students Pass Math Proficiency Test at 53 Illinois Public Schools, Despite $47,000 Per Student Spending.

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Oh, the epitome of educational excellence! Spending $47,000 per student to achieve the remarkable feat of ZERO passing math proficiency. Bravo, Illinois!

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Spry Community Links High School, in the Heart of Little Village in Chicago, says its vision is to “provide a challenging and supportive environment…to enable our students to succeed in the 21st century.” Number one on the school’s focus list? “Increasing reading and math scores to or above grade level.”

But a look at state data that tracks reading and math scores for each Illinois school reveals two frightening facts about Spry. Not a single one of its 88 kids at the school can read at grade level. It’s the same for math. Zero kids are proficient.

Spry is one of 30 schools in Illinois where not a single student can read at grade level. Twenty-two of those schools are part of the Chicago Public Schools and the other eight are outside Chicago.

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