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Fraudster ex-Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby wants Biden to give her a presidential pardon ahead of May 23 sentencing which could see her jailed for 40 years

Mosby said she believes a presidential pardon would be ‘appropriate’

The prosecutor claimed she has done ‘absolutely nothing wrong, nothing illegal’

She is set to be sentenced on May 23 for perjury and mortgage fraud

Former Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby is seeking a presidential pardon as she faces decades behind bars for perjury and mortgage fraud.

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The ex-prosecutor, 44, insisted to MSNBC’s Joy Reid that she has done ‘absolutely nothing wrong, nothing illegal, nothing criminal’, and argued that Biden dismissing her conviction would be ‘appropriate.’

Mosby said her conviction was a ‘political attack’ against her, with Reid citing her decision to charge police officers involved in the controversial 2015 death of Freddie Gray as the reason she ‘found herself on the other side of the courtroom.’

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She is set to be sentenced on May 23, after a jury found her guilty of illegally withdrawing funds from her city retirement and lying on a mortgage application for a Florida home she bought with the money.

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