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FIGHT THE POWER, STICK IT TO THE MAN: Update: The Gadsden Kid Is Undefeated, Has His School Running for the Hills.


What’s wrong with the Gadsden flag, you ask? According to school staff, it has its roots in slavery and the slave trade, a claim Jaiden was obviously highly amused by and whose facial expression is becoming an internet meme at the time of this writing.

Despite the school’s weak attempt to justify its position and get him to remove his bag and the offending patch in order to let him back into class, Jaiden’s mother stood behind her son and even corrected the school’s claims about what the flag represents. This was captured on a video that has now gone viral and sparked waves all over the internet.

Naturally, due to the viral nature of the story, people are hungry for updates, and boy howdy do we have some for you, both about Jaiden and what the school is now going through.

First, we’ll start with the hero of our story. Jaiden remains undeterred and has decided he’s going to walk back into the school with his bag and patch still attached. Jaiden says he will refuse to remove the patch and will conduct a school sit-in if it comes down to it.

According to Connor Boyack, who first reported on this story, two law firms have now offered to assist Jaiden and his family if it comes down to lawfare, and will fight this clear discrimination against Jaiden and his beliefs.


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Never give up, never surrender.


But it gets juicier as we turn to the school itself.

As of this writing, the school has not offered any response to the backlash that’s come its way over this incident, but we are getting an idea of just how worried it is about what’s coming to it. According to Boyack, the school has suddenly canceled its “Back-to-School Night” due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

While it’s still unconfirmed what these “unforeseen circumstances” are…you know.

What would happen is that parents would arrive at the school and instead of being a meet and greet, it would turn into a town hall filled with angry parents demanding to know why the school is teaching them a false anti-American history and why patriotic students are being discriminated against.

It’s also a very scary prospect considering Colorado Springs is a military town with quite a few military bases around the city.

They need to hear from the people: “The school has demonstrated a deep problem within America’s education system, spanning from public to private. Activists posing as educators have infiltrated America’s school system so deeply that parents can’t trust any of these institutions. Too many incidents have popped up and continue to pop up as these radical activists turn these schools into indoctrination centers more than actual schools.”

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