You Can Steal a $1000 Dollars Worth of Goods Every Day From A Retail Store and Never do Time.

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Oh, did you know that in sunny California, you can stroll into any old shop 365 days a year and swipe $949 worth of stuff off the shelves? And get this, you won’t spend a single second behind bars! Oh, but it gets better! Apparently, according to the law of the land, smacking around a peace officer with anything less than a fully automatic weapon isn’t even considered violent! Can you believe it? We’re talking truth and justice, California style! Where $949 is the magic number for a free shopping spree and assaulting the boys in blue is just a slap on the wrist! Welcome to the land of dreams, folks, where the laws make less sense than a chicken playing chess!

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Actually what he says in the video is per incident!

You can do this multiple times a day as long as you are under $1000 at a time.


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