Xi and Biden Strike Up Deal on Export Limits on Fentanyl

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More admission that the destruction of America from within was a concerted effort on behalf of Xi and puppet Biden:

“Xi agrees to clean up his own mess! Biden and Chinese president will announce deal on export limits on fentanyl – after deadly opioid flooded America and left San Francisco facing homeless vagrant crisis”
…it is Chinese businesses that are supplying Mexican cartels with the chemicals to make the lethal synthetic opioids that are destroying American cities.

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Trump and Kari Lake are vindicated. They have been calling out China working with Mexico’s cartels, bringing fentanyl into our nation, for years now. Biden allowing the border to be wide open so cartel can bomb our cities with fentanyl.

Kari Lake on fentanyl crisis: They are trying to bring down this country with drugs


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‘Expert Witness: Democrat Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, who was Secretary of State presiding over the gubernatorial election against Republican Kari Lake, has a long and demonstrable history of corruption that includes using Mexican cartel money to steal multiple state elections.’

Greg Abbott:

“The cartels know it’s the federal government that controls the immigration process. The cartels are working in collaboration with President Biden to facilitate that illegal cross-border. We are being overrun by our own federal government.”

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