World’s Largest Deposit of Metal Used in Electric Vehicles Discovered in America

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by Chris Black

We should be mining coal and drilling oil to power our own economy.

If people want EVs (only a small portion of weirdos want them), they can buy them from the Chinese.

Honestly, I never really cared about environmentalism, but this “green energy” agenda is so threatening to the environment that it’s made me reconsider the whole thing.

We do need to be concerned about the environment, and we need to be protecting it from these green energy people.

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America doesn’t need any more lithium mines.

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New York Post:

A lithium deposit discovered in a volcanic crater along the Nevada-Oregon border may hold up to 40 million metric tons of the rare metal — possibly the largest ever in the world, which could have a massive impact on the electric vehicle industry, according to a new study.

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