World Bank launches first global framework for agri-food emissions today

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Haven’t seen this in any mainstream media, but found it in an Irish farmers’ journal…

The World Bank has today (Tuesday, May 7) launched ‘Recipe for a Livable Planet’ – the first comprehensive global strategic framework for mitigating agri-food system emissions.

According to the World Bank, these actions will also have three key benefits – they will make food supplies more secure; help our food system better withstand climate change; and ensure that vulnerable people are not harmed by this transition.

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Agri-food emissions
The report outlines that agri-food is a bigger contributor to climate change than many think. It generates almost one third of GHG emissions, averaging around 16Gt (gigatons) annually.

This is about one-sixth more than all of the world’s heat and electricity emissions. Three quarters of agri-food emissions come from developing countries, including two-thirds from middle-income countries.

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