Women’s team with five transgender players ‘broke opponent’s leg’ and had parents fearing for girls’ safety

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A women’s football competition has been branded misogynist after it was won by a team featuring five transgender players, amid accusations one had broken an opponent’s leg in two places.

Flying Bats FC won every match they played during the four-week Beryl Ackroyd Cup, including a 10-0 victory in which one of their trans players scored a double hat-trick.

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Since winning Sunday’s final in Sydney, Australia, 4-0, it has emerged that organisers had earlier held a crisis meeting, during which rival teams were warned that forfeiting games against the Bats would result in disciplinary action and could even be viewed as “an act of discrimination”.

The same meeting included accusations that a 6ft 2in, 14st Bats player had once broken the leg of 5ft 6in, nine-and-a-half stone opponent in two places and claims 24 of the injured player’s team-mates had quit because they did not want to face the LGBTQ+ side.

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