Woman tries to commit suicide (with her car) in emergency room.

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Nicole Suhr caused about $20,000 worth of damage when she drove her car through two sets of automatic glass doors to the emergency department of Powell Valley Healthcare at 3 a.m. Saturday, then took off.

POWELL — There is no such thing as an emergency room drive-thru, but that didn’t stop a Powell woman from making her own.

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At 3 a.m. Saturday, 43-year-old Nicole Suhr drove a vehicle through the emergency room entrance of Powell Valley Healthcare. The vehicle made it almost 20 feet inside the building through a double set of automatic glass doors.

Once inside, Suhr decided to leave, but struggled to do so. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to extricate her car, she backed out of the building and escaped to the hospital’s parking lot.

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By 3:30 a.m., Suhr has been arrested in a nearby parking lot. She was taken to the Powell Valley Healthcare Emergency Room (through another entrance) for a medical check before being transported at the Park County Detention Center in Cody.


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