Woman Model Ruins Her Career by Taking Testosterone

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by Chris Black

No one wants to look at this tranny sh*t.

I wish the New York Post would have taken a stand on this pronoun thing, if only because it’s really confusing.

To be clear, this is a woman who took testosterone to “become a man.”

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Because women are retards.

New York Post:

A transgender model is suing his New York-based modeling agency for discrimination, claiming it killed his career after he transitioned and branded him “insufficiently masculine” to work in men’s fashion.

Frances Coombe, 30, who is a Canadian catwalk model, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday, claiming Muse Model Management NYC and its president Conor Kennedy had violated his civil rights protecting gender identity.

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Coombe is requesting more than $300,000 in lost income and is seeking damages for emotional distress over the downfall of his reputation and career, the lawsuit said.

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