Why Is US GDP Growth So Strong? Bidenomics Is About BIG Government Spending (+4.7%), Not Consumer Spending (Highway To Hell!)

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by confoundedinterest17

US Real GDP grew at a whopping 5.2% (revision) in Q3.

But was it organic growth or simply The Federal Government funding the defense and green energy industies with trillions in spending?

One factor has been government spending which grew an unsustainably 4.7% in real terms over the last year. Outside the pandemic, this is one of the fastest rates in decades and works at a cross purpose with monetary policy objectives.

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Bidenomics is code for massive Federal spending (and debt) to fund Federal priorities: wars in Ukraine, Israel and likely involvement around Taiwan. And the costly switch to green energy (but not nuclear, for some reason).

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If the US economy growing simply to function as a war machine and wealth transfer mechanism from the middle class to the 1%, we are on the Highway To Hell. Personal consumption contributed 2.44% to the bottom line GDP print in Q3, down from the pre-revision number of 2.69% but well above Q2’s 0.55%.

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