Whites in America are Fleeing the Teaching Profession, and It Has Everything to Do With Race

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by Chris Black

While White Americans are only 54% of their nation’s population, Whites constitute 80% (nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator/clr/public-school-teachers) of all qualified teachers.

Hundreds of thousands of American teachers have resigned since 2020.
As of 2023 44% of American school districts lack sufficient numbers of teachers (www.lawdistrict.com/articles/teacher-resignation-crisis), and this trend only continues to worsen.

Black male students are 1.5 times more likely than White male students to bring a firearm to school (usafacts.org/articles/how-many-high-schoolers-carry-a-gun/).
While Hispanic females are more than twice as likely to bring a gun to school than White females.

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Black students are 80% more likely than White students to engage in violence (www.prb.org/resources/surprising-social-factors-linked-to-racial-and-ethnic-disparities-in-youth-violence-in-the-u-s/).

Puerto Rican Youth are 26 percent more likely to committ a violent act than White students.

Just recently we saw a manifestation of the violent tendencies of non-White students when White teenager Jonathan Lewis JR was beaten to death at his highschool by a gang of Black students. (justicereport.news/articles/2023/11/12/white-student-lynched-after-filmed-beating-from-15-non-white-students-leads-to-no-charges/)

And it only takes a quick Google search to find numerous stories (www.wboc.com/news/13-year-old-bennett-middle-school-student-allegedly-assaults-teachers-other-student/article_4f322e9e-6d0e-11ee-b22a-6ba69f268615.html) of 13 and 15 year old Black and other non-White students assaulting their teachers.

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Non-White students are armed, dangerous, and regularly violent against teachers and fellow students.

All while White teachers are scolded for being “racist” and forced to attend seminars and programs which only make them more vulnerable to attack through by imparting upon them a deep sense of racial guilt.

White teachers will continue to leave a profession where exposure to hostile non-Whites makes them systematically unsafe.

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