Whistleblower Reveals How Illegal Aliens Get Free Hotels, Food, Healthcare, Tablets, Ubers, and More

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Illegal aliens in Massachusetts are filling hotels and motels across the state, with whistleblower claims published by talk-show host Howie Carr detailing how migrants are being lavished with benefits in one of the hotels now “closed to the public,” at the behest of the state and the nonprofits with which it partners. “It’s not only a roof over their heads and three squares a day, but ‘free’ diapers, wipes, toiletries, free tablets, and phones, free English lessons, state caseworkers making sure all entitlements are taken, free Uber and Lyft rides, free bus passes,” the whistleblower explained, in testimony not dissimilar to the now-infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech delivered by British politician Enoch Powell in the late 1960s.

The Department of Children & Families believes migrant families all “need a crib, stroller, toys, etc.,” and hotel management “is required to order them” — new from Amazon, with next-day delivery.

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