Whistleblower Leaks Concerns Over Biden’s Decline and Harris’s Struggles – White House Insider Speaks Out

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In a breaking video, a top White House cyber official, speaking to James O’Keefe in disguise, reveals behind-the-scenes concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental decline. The official discloses, “Biden is definitely slowing down,” and expresses worries the White House wants to replace Vice President Kamala Harris. While the official acknowledges the sensitivity of these concerns, they emphasize the need to address the issue for the nation’s well-being.

Charlie Kraiger, a cybersecurity policy analyst in the Executive Office at the White House, shares insights into Michelle Obama’s stance on running for office, citing her emphatic refusal due to witnessing the challenges her husband faced. Additionally, Kraiger highlights issues within Harris’s leadership, stating, “She can’t keep black staff. They quit on her en masse,” and discusses the debate about removing her from the ticket.

This insider revelation sheds light on the internal discussions and struggles within the White House, raising questions about leadership stability and decision-making processes.

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